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Sunday, January 8, 2012


We're lying with our backs on my bed and our eyes to the sky. If my ceiling was made of glass, it would feel as though the rain was falling around us. But we'll be content with merely dreaming of the rain in the comforts of each other's warmth.

I spread my fingers, reaching out towards the window, trying to catch rain drops that trickle down the glass like ballet dancers. You grasp my hand in yours and pull me closer until your body is holding mine. We listen to each other's heart beats as though we're heart rate monitors. Thump thump. Thump Thump. To the outside world, we don't matter. To the universe, we're insignificant little specks whose life spans are but a freckle in it's memory. To each other, we are more than days, weeks, years and centuries. We are so much more than a mere number.

We are millions of molecules, atoms and cells entwined to create life. To each other we are galaxies of swirling emotions and memories that make us who we are now. We clash like the Antennae galaxies, swerving billions of particles. We come from different space and time but are forming to become one giant galaxy. But in the end, we are merely a single rain drop in the universe. We are only one out of the 170 billion galaxies out there.

'Where do you go when you disappear like that?'

I blink as your voice shivers down my earlobe. I stare into your deep eyes; they show curiosity, amusement and as always love. Your love for me that is more than the observable universe itself. I cup both your cheeks and press my lips against yours gently, 'I am never far from you.'


Barry said...

Gorgeous Lucy, beautifully written. I believe I just fell in love with this.

Lucy Nguyen said...

Thank you, Barry =]

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