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Thursday, February 9, 2012

I believe....

Inspired by Barry's post: What I believe

  • I believe that you can indeed love more than one person at a time but for different reasons and in different ways.
  • I believe that people no matter their age, gender, race, sexuality, physical or mental ability have a voice and that their voice should never be ignored.
  • I believe in a love that last forever.
  • I believe that parents should always be supportive of their children's decisions, even if it's wrong. They will discover that themselves.
  • I believe promises are meant to be kept. Always.
  • I believe that hope is never lost. It is found when we need it the most.
  • I believe that violence is never the solution.
  • I believe that if you're good, people will eventually realise. You shouldn't have to prove anything.
  • I believe that people who hurt others for the fun of it are sick individuals. Entertainment should never be at the expense of others' safety.
  • I believe people who burn books are missing out on a whole lot of knowledge.
  • I believe that a smile doesn't always mean you're happy.
  • I believe it takes time to get to know someone. Anyone who says that they can become someone's best friend in a few minutes has seriously misunderstood that word's definition.
  • I believe it takes a lifetime to truly know someone.
  • I believe that there are spirits.
  • I believe people should always be given the benefit of a doubt.
  • I believe animals have feelings and thoughts that matter. 
  • I believe that it's okay to cry when you feel weak. 
  • I believe that it's okay to sometimes feel weak.
  • I believe that just because you wear lace stockings it doesn't mean you're a hooker.
  • I believe that there is more love in this world than hate. 
  • I believe that you should only ever say, "I love you" when you truly mean it.
  • I believe words are beautiful and profanity is ugly. 
  • I believe that leaving doesn't always mean running away. It means you need space to be alone.
  • I believe that revenge does nothing for the past or future. It only gives you temporary relief.
  • I believe that no one owns another person. No one has an obligation to stay in any relationship whether that is family, friends or lover. 
  • I believe that everyone has a right to live in safety. No one should have to live everyday in fear of their lives or others.
  • I believe hands are meant for caressing and lips are meant for kissing. They're not meant for hurting.
  • I believe in Heaven and Hell.
  • I believe that things can't always be bad.
  • I believe that the world won't end this year.
  • I believe that the guitar is one of the most beautiful instruments ever.
  • I believe in good old fashioned love letters. They show more sincerity than an email or a text.
  • I believe that I'm going to be alone this Valentine's day but that's okay because I don't need a commercialised day to tell me how to appreciate the people that are important to me.
  • I believe that people will always judge but that doesn't mean you should listen to them.
  • I believe that life should always be given and not taken.
  • I believe that no one should ever be judged by their appearance. Size doesn't matter. Just because you're small doesn't mean you're not strong. Just because you're big doesn't mean you don't feel pain.
  • I believe that I can't ever hate anyone.
  • I believe that no matter how confused of who I am or who I want to be, I'll never be confused of my feelings. I know that I love you. Because I am always going to a lover. 


Barry said...

I love that you did this Lucy! I've linked to you on my post for others to read. =)


Lucy Nguyen said...

Thank you Barry! Much appreciated. =]

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