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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Frozen hourglass

There used to be a time when the words came easily.
Those days are grains of sand that pass through my fingers
They slowly pile underneath my feet like snow
Time is fragile like the snowflakes we used to dream of
Tomorrow is constantly falling over my head
It drowns me, dragging me by the feet into the depths of yesterday
When did my heart stop beating for you?
Gradually, my time is becoming frozen.
Ice trickles my skin until I can’t feel anything but the numb.
My hourglass has tipped over, its glass cracked and broken.
Sand is spilling onto the ground, lost to the fickle hands of Life.
Time is forever stopped at that precious second of yesterday.
And I’m sleeping beauty, waiting for my prince to wake me up.
But Time waits for no one; not even for a frozen princess. 

Not even for you.


AVY said...

Aw, very pretty.


mhairi! said...

This is all I have thought about all day. It's like you've taken a ball of knotted confusion, and though this is very sad to read, you made it make sense with a fine grace.

I hope you are not too sad from this and the tomorrows become better todays soon.

Take care xxx

Lucy Nguyen said...

@Avy: Thank you. Much appreciated.
@Mhairi: Thank you, I've been doing well. =]

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