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Friday, March 30, 2012

Spam mail

Last month, a cat swallowed my tongue.
He purred incoherent meows down my throat.
A baby bubbled the alphabet backwards: Z, Y, X, W etc.

"Do you want to buy Viagra?" Asks a vibrant email.
"Please become my bride," begs another.
It is spam: the unwelcoming, non-edible kind.
Delete. Delete. Delete.

I'm a whirlpool of distructured emotions.
The crushing centre of a black hole.
Violate. Torment. Discontinue. Surmount.
Pardon? I think you woke up on the wrong side of bed, sweetie.
Please speak slowly. Preferably in English.

I'm defined by my broken promises and nonsensical words.
This is steganography or maybe drunken Morse code.
Decipher the message and you will be rewarded.
A hot mug of chocolate and a plate of broccoli, because veggies are healthy.
Darling, let's pretend we never happened.
Because, I can't decide whether to place memories in a safe or down the rubbish chute.


AVY said...

I don't know how to take those Viagra mails. Maybe as a compliment?

/ Avy

Barry said...

Viagra? Probably the last thing I need!

I love the way you've written this Lucy. Somewhat cryptic, random, intriguing. I sense influence from a mutual friend of ours. :)

This is a great example of why I've always enjoyed your blog posts, and why I consider you one of my favourite writers.

originaloflaura said...

Looking forward to reading more of your posts during the A to Z blog challenge!

Lucy Nguyen said...

@Avy: Haha, a good idea.
@Barry: Thank you, I'm quite pleased with this piece.
@Originaloflaura: I'm looking forward to the challenge too. Definitely will get me into the habit of writing more.

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