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Monday, April 2, 2012

Blue for breakaway

Blue was the sky that peaked behind the clouds on our first date.
Our feet pitter-pattered in the puddles of rain, as we held hands.
The warmth of your skin on mine was thicker than any glove.
I’ll always remember those walks under the deep blue umbrella.

Blue was your car that we tried but failed to name.
That Daihatsu Sirion with the gear stick my hand couldn’t reach.
You said that you’d teach me how to drive a manual one day.
But I replied that I’d rather fall asleep to the rhythm of yours. 

Blue is for the day we broke away.
The sky was still bright like another day, still so immeasurable.
Even though we have changed, the world continues to spin.
And I’ll always keep on smiling, knowing the sky is still blue.  


American in Norway said...

Lovely! :-) Popping by from the challenge. Good luck.

Rena J. Traxel said...

Lovely poem. I'm blogging about poetry for the A to Z challenge, but my poems are geared towards children.

Lucy Nguyen said...

@American in Norway: Thank you. Good luck to you also!
@Rena: That's awesome. I'll check it out!

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