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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Chocolate and Camomile for calming

Over-stressed. Over-worked. Over-strained.
Nothing seems to ease this aching pain.

Chocolate temporarily calms my heart.
But it doesn’t keep me from falling apart.

It’s the stack of hay hiding me from the needle.
Welcomed distraction. Welcomed deceit. I’m being feeble. 

Pour me a warm drink. Something for my heart. Camomile tea.
I’ll do anything at all. Just accept my request. Answer my plea. 

Wishing and dreaming. I close my eyes.
Give me kisses. Tell me lies.

Camomile petals are for plucking.
Magic washes over me. I’m no longer the ugly duckling.

Chocolate is for the beautiful passion.
But all I really want is your compassion.

Take a deep breath. Hold it in your palm.
Then let it go in a rush. It’s okay to not always be calm. 

We all have our strengths that makes us bright. Illumine.
But we all have our own flaws. It is what makes us human. 


Anonymous said...

Oh, I enjoyed this poem. Lovely writing with a sweet cadence.

Sabrina A. Fish said...

So nice to have those things like chocolate and chamomile to help us get through our imperfections. Great poem.

Lucy Nguyen said...

@Paige: I'm so glad you liked this poem. I always have such difficuties with rhymes.
@Sabrina: Without chocolate to soothe me, I'll always be a nervous wreck. >.<

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