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Friday, April 6, 2012

Fractured for Family

Every night, you come home angry.
Brows creased. Lips snarled. Fists clenched.
You’re soberly addicted to resentment.
You’re drunk on frustration.
You won’t let it go.

Every night, you come home tired.
Shoulders slumped. Eyes drooped. Feet dragged.
Too tired to speak. Too tired to do anything.
You’re half here. Half gone.
Really, you’re hardly here at all. 

Every night, I pray to the Gods.
Silent tears. Hands clasped tightly. Emotionally drained.
I pray for salvation.
I pray for time to rewind to the past.
Back to a home that used to smile. 


Barry said...

This hits home, brings back memories when homelife wasn't so happy.

Well-written Lucy.

Andy David said...

WoW! Painfully bittersweet. How beautifully you expressed this. Thanks for sharing. Good luck with the rest of the challenge!
Congratulations also on the Best Blogs 2012 Nominee. You should be very proud.

Visiting from NaPoWriMo.

Day 6: Forbidden Kisses

Lucy Nguyen said...

@Barry: I'm sorry for bringing up bad memories. I'm glad that you have a good home with Sandy, now.
@ Andy David: Thanks for visiting and the compliments. =]

Barry said...

Lucy no need to apologize, those days are in the past. I've always thought the sign of a good writer is the ability to evoke emotion. Whether it makes me happy or sad doesn't matter, it's the writing that's most important to me.

Barry said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
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