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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Ghost of a girl

Nails bitten unevenly.
Mascara stained tears.
My hair is a tangled mess.

I’m a ghost of the girl I used to be.
I’m haunted by my memories of yesterday.
You threw me away and watched me die.

My nights are no longer for you.
I won’t let anyone listen to my beating heart.
I’m satisfied with my drunken illusions and cigarette kisses. 

Drink me up, baby.
Let’s waste the night away.
Until, I can’t remember my own name, let alone yours.

I’m a ghost of the girl I used to be.
Fucked in the head. Screwed in the heart.
That naïve innocence was lost long ago.

Fractured bones.
Blood-stained lips.
Pain is better than feeling nothing at all.

I spend my nights with mashed up bodies.
Waking up to strangers in my bed.
They are all mannequins, a replacement of you.
I’m a ghost of the girl I used to be.
Forget promises. Forget those summer nights.
Because, that girl no longer exists.


Barry said...

It saddens me that there are girls who feel this way. Still, I love your ability to capture that emotion.

Bathwater said...

Good that sounds painful and I can relate to it right now. I wish I had words to comfort you but they would be false coming off my tongue right now.

I'm with you though!

Lucy Nguyen said...

@Barry and Bathwater: Thank you for your kind words. I am glad that although I sometimes feel like those girls, I have not fallen just yet.

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