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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Behind the Glass

Dedicated to Jodi from You Don't Want To Read This
I hope you break through this glass mirror

I want to feel. I want to feel anything but this numb glass. Anything.
If there was a fairy, I wonder if she would grant my wish?
I want to feel pain.
I long for hurt.
Because at least I could feel.
Inside my chest there is a hole.
You can't see my heart because,
Neither can I
Is there a way to break this glass?
Am I the only one who is behind this cold surface?
Why am I the only one that cannot be seen?
Why can't I feel the sun's warmth,
even though I can see it so clearly.
Am I real?
Are you the one whose false?
Show me the truth, I cannot read lips
I search for happiness, but that word
Could lie anywhere in this world
I want to feel the ache of a heart,
the burden of an eternal love
Why is it so hard to find?
Why am I the only one who is blind?
I am standing behind a invisible wall
What must I do to break free of this cursed spell?
Can someone please help me out from this darkness?
Hey, can you hear me out there?
Am I alive?

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