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Sunday, May 30, 2010


Everyday, I occupy my mind
I don't allow reality to sink into my pores
I still can't handle the truth
But its too late for regrets
Time already moved on and it doesn't wait for me
There is nothing I can do to walk backwards
I long for the old days where we used to talk comfortably
I long for you
But I already said everything.
And you said: sorry
Its still not enough
I'm selfish
What I want, you cannot give
So I let go
Maybe, one day I can smile at you
And you will smile back, knowing
Everything is alright and that
Time has matured us both
Maybe, one day we can return
One day, it will no longer hurt
Someday, I will find happiness


ooohjodi said...

i love reading your blog lucy.
we're opposites.
you are the person that loves so much, but doesn't get a lot of love back.
and i'm the person that gets the love of others, but i just can't love them back.
it fascinates me reading how the other half lives. and i feel bad for all the people i hurt, even if they only feel a fraction of the pain that you go through.
thanks for your perspective.

Lovesick Fool said...

Thank you too ^^
I also love reading your blog. It has so much truth and I feel that we're also the same in a way.
We're both searching for happiness.

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