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Saturday, June 26, 2010

I love you

I'm back!!!!
It hasn't even been a week yet but I already wrote a little something. Every day that I wasn't writing, I was completely at loss with myself. To me writing is everything. It's even more important than love. Writing is me and I am writing. Without writing, I am nothing. Even though I'm back, inside my heart there is still this emptiness that not even words can describe. But I'm glad I'm back to you my precious Lovesick fools and to this lovely blog. With everyone here for me I will turn into a beautiful butterfly one day.
This new piece was inspired by a conversation I had with a friend. I'm sorry Richard but I found a new knight *pokes tongue out* I will talk about this friend in the next blog post.  This piece is titled "I love you" and even though its called such, its not a message to anyone. You'll find out why I chose such a title. For now enjoy my come back.

Darling, you will be my only knight
Because I don't believe in a prince.
Princes are men belonging only to fantasy.
Where promises are simply beautiful empty words.

You will be my loyal knight, who
Walks beside me every second of the day.
Around your neck is a locked collar
The key is hidden deep inside my protected heart
So please don't look at any other
I am not strong enough to battle for your loyalty
And I am not truthful enough to plead for your love
But I cannot allow others to caress your soft lips
Sir Knight, you only belong to me

Darling, I'm a cruel woman
I want to tie shackles to your feet
So that you can only follow my every movement
This romance is tainted like poisoned roses
But I won't say those three words
Because I don't want you as my prince
Princes are men belonging only to fantasy
Where promises are simply beautiful empty words
Men use pretty words to seduce hearts
And I like all that is beautiful
So I have to be careful not to fall into your trap
Instead, I want you to remain as my forever prisoner
I want you to be unable to live without me

Even though, I know truthfully
Love is meant to link two people together
And not bound them.
But I'm scared to search for your red thread
I'm scared to know that it's not tied to my trembling finger
So I'll walk beside you confidently knowing,
That I'm the only one with the key to your lock
I am the only one who kisses you in the cold mornings
And you are the only one who shares my lonely nights
Sir Knight, you only belong to me
But I won't ever say those three words
Because, promises are too beautiful to be true.


Eva said...

Welcome back! That was intense. I've had many thoughts like this. You want them to be enthralled in you but you don't want to say certain things for fear that you may make them that fairytale and they could break your heart. I know that feeling too well.

Lovesick Fool said...

@Eva: Thank you. It's good to be back. I only realised after thinking over my words that this is a sad little piece. Wanting to love but cannot trust is really sad.

ooohjodi said...

I'm glad you're back! Blogging just isn't the same without you. And I know how it feels, being empty... not being able to explain. Just have hope that one day it will change, you will find what you need.

Lovesick Fool said...

@Jodi: Thank you. I hope so too^^

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