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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Ramblings of a nocturnal girl

Note: This is what happens when you take too many naps and your sleeping pattern becomes hell.

Taking naps every day like a cat and realising I can't sleep at night
Trying to return to sleep but ending up lying in bed
With spinning thoughts and butterflies in stomach.
I'm replaying memories in my head like a broken movie projector
And laughing seemingly for no apparent reason like a lunatic.
I wonder if there are unicorns flying in the poker dot sky.
My sentences don't make any sense
And maybe I'm drunk
But I don't recall ever taking a sip of alcohol.
The ability to read minds would be pretty convenient
You would be able to know what people really think
And don't have to take second guesses as to which door is correct.
But then where would be the fun in knowing everything?
There would be no surprises.
Slowly my eyes are becoming heavy with waiting
And I'm disappointed in not talking to you today
I shouldn't have taken that nap
But there is always another chance.
We're still young.
I'm listening to music that's no longer on repeat
And I realised that it's been a while since I done that.
It feels good to finally be moving along my playlist.
I'm looking forward to the end of my first university year.
There will be a long holiday as reward waiting for me
And a list of hobbies to pick up that was on hiatus.
Learning guitar with a new friend.
Natural dying fabric to see the what colours will bloom
And sewing dresses out of self-coloured cloths.
Reading books that I didn't have the time for.
Returning to writings that I abandoned.
The year seemed to have gone by so quickly
But I'm happy
Because its been a good year.
I've met heaps of new friends.
Got used to travelling to and from university.
But will always despise the claustrophobia of trains.
Got my driving licence and lost my licence (will get it back soon).
Gave away my precious dog to a relative
But knows confidently that she loves me more.
After all, I'm the one who raised her all these years.
Blowing bubbles is like watching falling stars
Watching the delusional rainbows that pop with a tiny crackle
But no wishing is needed now.
I'll work hard to achieve my own goals.
Please don't be mistaken
I'll always remain a hopeless romantic
There is no cure from such an intoxicating addiction.
I realise that this is becoming quite long....
Should probably end it before everyone runs away.
Peace out Beloved Lovesick Fools.


scattered-strings said...

Yeah, that's what tends to happen when you nap like that. it fucks you up.

And I'll be faithfully behind you, just as 'lovesick' and romantic as you.

Lovesick Fool said...

@scattered-strings: Awesome, having a companion is always nice. We'll help each other stand tall.

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